Have you ever wonder about the props carried by lady of justice. Why not we discuss it here:

Balance Scales: These represent nonpartisanship. Each side of a legal case needs to be looked according to the weight of evidences presented before court.

Sword: The double-edged sword signifies that apart from pronouncement of judgment, it also has power to penalize for non adherence.

Blindfold: The blindfold represents that law doesn’t let outside factors such as power, fame, wealth etc. influence its decisions.

“It may be true that the law cannot change the heart but it can restrain the heartless”- Martin Luther King Jr.

We all are mugging it from the very first day of our endeavor for acquiring seats in law schools that law is what legislature made to govern its people. And as Sir John Austin very well said that law consists command which is given by politically superior people to politically inferior ones which afterwards becomes duty and also includes sanctions in case of violation. Let us now discuss some more aspects and make a journey to the depth.

Law is the essence of a well organised society. In addition to rules and regulations it provides the manner in which one should behave. It also states rights and duties running correspondingly. Together with various freedoms some taboos are also attached without which law is incomplete.

Law is something bigger than what just being practiced. Though lawyers make it able to see the both sides of the same coin but this is law itself which open their minds and turn round it up into the another level.

‘Ignorantia juris non excusat’ is a popular legal maxim which means ignorance of law is not an excuse. As it clearly states that law presumes its awareness by default. Hence, it becomes mandatory for every person to get it’s basic knowledge in order to survive in the society with dignity.

Apurva Chaturvedi

Currently pursuing LLM from University of Rajasthan. one can reach out her on

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